SI Partners are an independent consulting firm based in the UK. We specialize in business strategy consulting, intermediary business development and multi-lingual content services within the areas of sustainable, ethical and impact investing, corporate social responsibility and education. We work with a network of alliances to promote a new approach for sustainable capital markets, identify tomorrow’s companies and support transformational change within the investment value chain. We provide an interconnected, intergenerational and interactive forum for thought leadership ideas to generate and preserve wealth and values for this generation and the next.

SI Partners cooperate with a variety of clients, partners and networks, including asset and wealth managers, asset owners and family offices, banks, corporate and financial institutions, NGOs, charities, research providers, custodians, consultants, IFAs, academics and the media, to identify, measure and disclose sustainability trends, themes, opportunities and issues. Over the last years, we have supported a broad range of research, analysis and investment content projects and have become oekom research AG’s commercial partner in the UK. If you are interested in finding out more about us and our work, please contact us.