Tackling Modern Day Slavery

29/10/2015, Martina Macpherson

The 18th of this month marked Anti-Slavery Day for the fifth consecutive year in the UK. Anti-Slavery Day was created by Act of Parliament and instigated by theHuman Trafficking Foundation. However, there are still 21 million slaves in the world today, 7% of whom live in North America or the EU. The UK alone is estimated to be home to 10,000-13,000 potential victims of modern slavery.

Modern slavery can take on various forms, such as forced and bonded labour, child slavery, early and forced marriage, people trafficking and sexual exploitation in the private economy, agriculture, fishing, construction and manufacturing. Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of human rights and human dignity – but is also one of the world’s most profitable criminal activities generating $150 billion in illegal profits every year. Read more